The Fight

I have been away from writing for quite sometime.  I find that I may need to go back to writing and really find time to write.  A lot of things, life-changing events have happened since the start of this year.  And with just barely a month, we’re ushering into another year.  Is the new year something to look forward to or do I shrink away and just hide under a rock? Continue reading


When Friends Are Not Enough

Have you ever had those days when you simply just want to curl up and sleep for a long time?

Have you had those nights when you cry yourself to sleep, the pillows and blankets seem to be the only witnesses to those emotional downpours?

Have you ever just wanted to lock yourself up in your sanctuary, away from the rest of the world and just choose to weather it out in solitude because you think nobody would really understand you, much less comfort you? Continue reading

Grow And Flourish Where God Has Planted You

John 15-16

I remember planting two avocado seeds back in year 2000.  Both bore stems and leaves after what seemed like forever.  A few weeks after, one of the small trees died.  So I took better care of the remaining one, worried that, it too, would die on me.  Seeing it was getting stronger and sturdier, I decided to pick a spot in my mom’s front yard, and there it was until now, almost 16 years later. It’s not a very big tree as I had envisioned it, but what really frustrates me is that, up to now, it never bore fruit.  You know what they do about fruit trees that don’t bear fruits.  You cut them down to be used for timber or firewood or for whatever other purpose, other than just occupying space.  Thankfully, the tree is still there.  No one has decided to chop it down yet.   Continue reading

Time Does Not Heal Wounds

I was looking for my Purple Book and for some reason, it has decided to hide itself.  Forgetful me… or maybe it’s time to really clear the clutter.  But as I was looking for that booklet, which still evades me as of this writing, I found something that I wasn’t even looking for.  (So maybe I should stop looking for the booklet as it will turn up eventually, when I don’t need it hahaha!) Continue reading

Love Is… Letting Go

Isaiah 41-13

Have you ever been in a situation when you had to let go of someone? I did, on many instances, but there are those times that really made their mark, like when my father passed away.  I really didn’t have much choice back then.  But I was stubborn and I held on to the pain for so many years.  Deep inside, I was angry at God because I believed then that there was really no good thing that came out of his “untimely” demise. Continue reading

Paying It Forward With the 2016 Certified Positive Planner

Last year, I won a planner in an online contest.  It was highly unexpected as my chances for such are close to nil.  I love planners but the really nice ones are quite expensive.  Well, the one I won costs about the same, and yet, I believe so much in the vision of those young entrepreneurs at Certified Positive that the cost seemed immaterial to me. Continue reading

When Things Don’t Go Well, We Can Trust God

Philippians 4-19

All companies experience setbacks once in a while.  Working in the same company for almost 19 years now, we’ve experienced those valleys, but we always bounce back somehow.  Recently however, things are not turning out quite well, which leaves me wondering if I should begin looking for a new job.  You see, it’s not only financial setbacks we’re experiencing but there is discord within the whole organization. Continue reading