When Friends Are Not Enough

Have you ever had those days when you simply just want to curl up and sleep for a long time?

Have you had those nights when you cry yourself to sleep, the pillows and blankets seem to be the only witnesses to those emotional downpours?

Have you ever just wanted to lock yourself up in your sanctuary, away from the rest of the world and just choose to weather it out in solitude because you think nobody would really understand you, much less comfort you?

I’ve had those moments, many of them to be honest.  I’m not the kind who opens up easily to to others.  Sure I have friends, and at least one to whom I could really pour out my heart to.  But even that one sometimes could not really fathom the depth of my hurts and pains… or to be there whenever I need someone to talk with.

And so, I cry in silence and solitude.

Because even the ones who say they will always be there with you cannot always be there with you.  Even the ones who say they’re just a phone call away are not always there to answer.

But there is One who sees me, even if I turn off the lights and hide under a blanket.  There is One who hears the sobs I smother with the pillow.  There is that One who perfectly understands the pain even more than I do.  There is the only One who is always available anytime I call on Him.

Sometimes, we come to a certain place where even our closest friends could not step into.  No matter how much we try to explain our anguish or the reasons for our dilemma, they just can’t seem to get into that place to offer us comfort.

In those moments, I’d like to think that God allows such situations, for me to draw even closer to Him.  It is a time that He reminds me, though I may be surrounded by good friends, He alone could fully comfort me.  He alone could heal my hurts like no soothing words or sound advice could do.

And I think, it is also in those moments when God is nearer than I ever realized, embracing me with His love, telling me He’s more than enough.

God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved; God will help her when morning dawns.”  — Psalm 46:5 (ESV)

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