Love Is… Letting Go

Isaiah 41-13

Have you ever been in a situation when you had to let go of someone? I did, on many instances, but there are those times that really made their mark, like when my father passed away.  I really didn’t have much choice back then.  But I was stubborn and I held on to the pain for so many years.  Deep inside, I was angry at God because I believed then that there was really no good thing that came out of his “untimely” demise.

I wasn’t a Christian back then and I didn’t really have a personal relationship with God.  And so I fell into that trap of questioning Him, all those why’s… He never really answered me directly, because I asked the wrong questions.

God in His mercy slowly and patiently changed my perspective and how I view Him over the years.   Slowly, petal by petal, He opened my mind and my heart to His truths and His promises.  It may have taken long, but I suppose, God’s got all the time He needs to transform me.

Today is Day 7.  It seemed ages ago already and yet it’s just a week ago when I had to make this difficult choice.

I just recently let go of someone because it is what God requires of me.  I had the choice this time.  For so many years, I have been choosing the wrong path.  God has a way of leading us in the right path if we only allow Him.

This is by far the most difficult choice I had to make.  It is the choice I never wanted to make but it is the one that would forever change my life.  I do not know what lies ahead.  I only hold on to His promise that He will be with me.  He has always been faithful.

I cry at times, but I was never the emotional wreck that I was just a year ago. I’ve been through a lot of emotional turmoil the past year, maybe even gone through some form of depression.  Through all that, even in my disobedience, God was faithfully by my side, comforting me when I so deserved what I was going through back then.

When I took that step of obedience, painful as it is, I was always assured of His comfort and love.  And anytime that I feel like breaking down, like last night, I know I was never alone.  I can cry all I want, knowing He embraces me with His love, assuring me that everything will be alright because He has got everything in His hands, including me.

Letting go is something that is difficult.  But sometimes, it is the greatest and noblest way to show how much you really love someone.  We only need to look at what Jesus has done at the cross, when He was stripped of everything He has to redeem us.  When God asked me to let go, it seemed like a small thing to ask compared to what He has done for all of us.

Obedience has its price and many times it will be really painful, but the blessings that come with it far outweighs the pain it entails.  And nothing is quite better than to be at peace in the will of God.

Love is letting go of anything and anyone that comes between God and us…. It is with empty hands that we can fully embrace God.


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