Paying It Forward With the 2016 Certified Positive Planner

Last year, I won a planner in an online contest.  It was highly unexpected as my chances for such are close to nil.  I love planners but the really nice ones are quite expensive.  Well, the one I won costs about the same, and yet, I believe so much in the vision of those young entrepreneurs at Certified Positive that the cost seemed immaterial to me.

Having been blessed, I thought of paying it forward.  I dabbled with the idea of hosting my own giveaway but I changed my mind.  I bought three planners to avail of the early bird rate and the freebies.  I wasn’t exactly sure who I would give the planners to.  Problem solved during my Bible study group’s pre-Christmas celebration.  One I gave for the exchange gift and the other, we drew lots for those who wanted the planner.  I thought that in this digital age, only a handful would be interested in the conventional planners.  I guess I was wrong as the ladies were all excited to have the extra planner.

So now, two of my friends are the proud owners of the 2016 Daily Interact Certified Positive Planner (DICPP)!  Yay! I just wish I had enough budget to give to the others as well.  Maybe next time, God-willing.

My 2016 Planner with some freebies
Cover Page
Welcome Page
Planner features at a glance


What’s so special about the DICPP?  Well, I believe that it’s because it stays true to its claim of being a planner that’s life changing from cover to cover.  It’s full of inspiration, from the daily quotes to the featured testimonies each month.  There’s also room for notes and reflections at the end of each month.  It teaches one to have a heart of gratitude, to be thankful for the blessings and even the trials that come.

Prayer Request, Spiritual & Personal Goals, Quiet Time, and Monthly Reflections


The planner encourages one to have a personal relationship with God.  There’s the verse tracker to keep track of the books of the bible that you’ve read, and a guide to having a personal devotion or quiet time and also a prayer list.


More inspiration comes in these colorful stickers and little cards.

Little cards, Stickers, List of Organizations, Discount Coupons

Then there’s also a list of non-government organizations where one could get involved, whether in missions, livelihood, and other community services. Oh and they host events during the year.  If you’re a subscriber to their website, you’ll be in the loop as to what fun activities they  have in store.

The Daily Interact Certified Positive Planner is not just your ordinary lifestyle planner.  Personally, I think it’s a planner with a heart and a great mission to make the young (and even the not so young), to be rooted deeply in faith and to live a life that honors God.  That is the foundation to living a meaningful life and making a positive difference wherever we are.

I can’t wait to use my own planner!  If you’ve noticed, I have already some things written on the goals sections.  I am that excited!

Interested?  Head on over to Certified Positive and get ready to be transformed.

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PS… I didn’t receive any compensation or token for this review.  I’m just an avid fan who believes so much in the mission and vision behind this great product.


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