{Music}: Rise Heart


I’ve fallen in love so many times… with so many beautiful songs. As a musician, the melody gets to me first. What completes the song are the meaningful lyrics that I can identify with.  Sometimes I call it my heart song.

I have fallen in love once again and this is my current love, my heart song.

Some of you may have heard of this already. It’s the song “Rise Heart” (or sometimes titled Risen). It basically talks about redemption, from Jesus’ death on the cross to being raised from the dead.  It’s very soulful, with a very haunting melody. At the end of the song, it gives praise to the Risen Son.

I know this will be so much a part of my morning praise and worship. I’m actually now learning the guitar chords and memorizing the song.

I hope you will be blessed as you listen, and be reminded of God’s amazing grace and love for all of us.


“Awake my soul
Rise, heart in me
His death has paid the price for all
Redeemed creation from the fall
Rise, heart in me…”


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