I Now Have a New Home Church

Psalm 32-8

A few months ago, on my other site, I asked myself: Is it alright to attend multiple churches? As I have said, it wasn’t a big issue for me at that time.  This is my ending note to that line of thought a few months ago:

“The question now would be, the kind of involvement I will have with the different communities of believers later on.  Right now, I’m still okay with the set-up because I am still not actively involved in groups and ministries.  But if the time comes, then that’s when I have to make a choice…probably a difficult and crucial one for me.

Still, I leave that to God.  I will just follow wherever He leads me.  After all, this whole thing happened all in pursuit of Him.  I believe He will put me where I can be of greater use…for His honor and glory…always. “

And so I continued on with that for the following months.  Fast forward to six months later, on October, when I got baptized.  Up until then, I was just praying to God to give me a clear-cut direction on that major decision.  I waited on Him for direction and in His time it became clear to me that I will have to choose Church C as my new home church and Church B, (essentially the same church but in a different locality) would be where I would attend on weekends when I am in the province.

A friend in Church A who recently learned of this development was saddened.  Naturally, she would ask why.  So to put it simplistically, and in all honesty, I said that it is where God led me and I am just being obedient to follow His leading.  Still not satisfied with my answer, and prodding me to go on, I told her in summary what transpired the past few months and how I landed in this new church.  I also told her, I have no issues with Church A and proximity is never a problem with me.  Truth be told, I’d go over hills and mountains if that’s where the church I’m led to is located.

Church A has been instrumental in the changing of my mindset about faith and it has permeated to my heart in certain ways.  It was a slow but deliberate changing and the unlearning of false beliefs.  I was radically changed in the way I view things, but I’d like to say in a very good way.  I have learned to separate what really matters most and what is just trivial. And as my eyes were opened, I began to see the world and its problems for what it is, as well as my own problems and shallowness.  Church A has given me so much depth and for a time, I was rooted there.  It was my home church and my comfort zone.

And God didn’t want me to just live in my comfort zone.

Church C is a whole new different story.  I attended my first services there just four months ago in July during the time of the mid year prayer and fasting.  Two months later, I just found myself belonging to a group of women who meet weekly for bible study.  And a month later, I got baptized.  It’s like I sat on a slide, pushed myself and there I was, plunged in the pool, finally baptized after the longest time in my Christian life.

I don’t know if it’s just the timing and that it coincided with my being at Church C at that time, but it is that particular time that I felt the urgency of being baptized.  I took hold of that opportunity and I was forever changed.  It was a life-altering decision and right now, I could firmly say, I am a whole new person from the inside.  I am far from being perfect but I am being changed continuously.  Just like God met Paul on the road to Damascus, God met me at church C and I knew right then and there, I am no longer the same person.  I am changed by the Holy Spirit in me.  This time, it’s not only just the mindset but the whole of me is being changed in more evident ways.

You might be asking why I never did those in Church A.  I did actually, except for the baptism part.  I even gave myself a timeline, that by any means, I will have to be baptized on my 40th year. That never happened for some reasons.  But you know what?  I never asked God why.  I am just so grateful for that encounter that it didn’t matter where I was.  But it did matter Who I had an encounter with.  God in His mercy, met me in His perfect way and time.

Church A has been crucial in the preparation part.  Church C is the quickening phase for me.  I don’t know what is in store for me but I am approaching my Christian life with boldness and hope and faith in God for all that’s to come.

The most important thing here is that I have the peace of God within me.  And you know what?  I am excited for where God would take me on this journey!

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